Who is TACTUN?

TACTUN created technology that will assist every niche machinery manufacturer in utilizing the latest technological advancements. We’re starting by revolutionizing the materials testing equipment market, where manufacturers need lightning-fast, accurate control and user-friendly software.

Our intuitive, no-code platform equips them to build seamless and intuitive applications for technicians and end-users, ensuring a smooth experience from the very first interaction. While materials testing is our initial focus, TACTUN’s platform will empower equipment manufacturers across various industries. Oil well pumps, wind turbines, scientific instruments, and mining machinery are just a few examples of equipment in question.


Together with TACTUN you will have more time to understand the needs of your customer and create the most suitable machinery for them, thereby increasing the profitability of your business and retaining customers. TACTUN’s platform reduces R&D costs by 80%, transitioning to recurring revenue models, and achieving 10x the precision and speed of industry alternatives.

Easy Integration

Use a modular and robust controller that does not require programming to integrate into your machine. It will take you just a day to integrate TACTUN into your machinery and run it.


Use a ready-to-go software environment to configure and run almost any ASTM/ISO/ AASHTO standards that your customer may request. It will take you couple minutes to setup the desired test standard or even custom test.

Affordable & Accurate

Use the TACTUN Controller to reduce your cost on hardware and at the same time to have the most accurate and responsive machinery in the market.

• 100kHz Close-loop control
• 0.001% accuracy for sensor readings
• 32-bit resolution movement profile
• 10us synchronous multi-axis control

What TACTUN Offers?

TACTUN Controller

TACTUN controllers are Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs) designed for ease of use, high performance, and flexibility.

TACTUN Software

TACTUN software as a service platform creates, runs, and analyzes tests on machines customized or built using TACTUN controller.


For TACTUN Predecessor Material Testing Solution

Leading Online Rheometer Manufacturer Company

TACTUN (previously known as RAFA Solutions) is our key technology partner in development of our OnLine Rheometer. Rafayel and his Team are totally professional, extremely capable and respond immediately to our needs. The quality of both hardware and software supplied exceeded our expectations, and after-sale support, even with us being on the opposite side of the World is of the highest standard. Dealing with TACTUN for the past ten years has been a pleasure, highlighted by honesty, integrity and value.

Material Testing Machinery Manufacturer Company

TACTUN (previously known as RAFA Solutions) developed a comprehensive solution for our needs to replace our controllers for UTM’s and fatigue test machines. The development process was managed extremely well and efficiently from start to finish. Our business goals of lowering our product costs were achieved and the product shipped on schedule. A job well done. Rafayel delivered on all of his promises.