TACTUN technology is standardized but at the same time allows maximum customization. With our Services below we provide another level for personalization, white-labeling and customization.

UI Customization for TACTUN MT software

The UI customization includes:

  • Custom software name and version
  • Custom software logo
  • Custom "about" information
  • Custom software colour palette
  • Custom software icons

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UI/UX Customization for TACTUN MT software

The UI/UX customization includes:

  • Everything that is available with UI customization option
  • Custom user experience and user journey, with the same feature set
  • Some feature implementation methodologies can also be modified

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Full Customization (Software Feature Customization)

The full software customization includes:

  • Everything that is available with UI/UX customization option
  • Addition of any new feature not available with TACTUN MT Software

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Controller Customization

The Controller customization includes:

  • Adding/removing connectivity modules such as LTE, Wifi, RS-485, BiSS, etc.
  • Changing number of I/Os
  • Adding/removing new I/O modules
  • Enclosure customization

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Our professionals will be happy to consult you on individual requirements no matter where your company is located - TACTUN provides online and on-site consultations at your desired place and time. Online consultation for product purchase is free.
For the price of on-site or additional online consultations please request a quote.
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Free trainings are provided by TACTUN’s professionals after software or hardware product purchase in order to help our customers to get used to the product.
For trainings of project managers in charge of training your customers please request a quote. On-site trainings are available.
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